Post-Match SOAP Interviews

Post-Match SOAP Interviews

What You Need to Know about Interviews During the Post-Match SOAP

One of the most common questions many residency candidates may have about the Post-Match SOAP® is whether or not residency programs conduct interviews during Match Week for the Post-Match SOAP.   

The answer is yesAfter submitting your maximum 45 SOAP applications, programs may reach out to request a virtual interview.

Most of the time, programs will contact residency candidates they are interested in through email, so it is very important to check your email (including your Junk/Spam Folder) often during the early part of Match Week. However, programs can also contact you directly over the phone or through your ERAS account, so be sure to keep an eye on not only your listed email but also your phone and ERAS account.

** Remember, residency candidates are prohibited from initiating first contact with programs. Programs must initiate first contact.

Post-Match Virtual Interviews

Today, virtual interviews have become the norm. If you don’t have much experience interviewing virtually, you’ll want to practice in the days leading up to the SOAP.  You can do this with a trusted friend or family member. Also, consider signing up for our Interview Prep package, which includes detailed AI feedback on your performance during a recorded sample response.

Tips for Virtual Interviews

  • Practice, practice, practice to gain familiarity in front of the camera
  • Remember, look at the camera, not the screen
    • If it helps, tape googly eyes next to the camera to know where to look interviewers in the “eyes”
    • Move the view window that shows the interviewer nearer to the camera
  • Be familiar with all your application materials
  • Have Zoom/Skype downloaded beforehand with a professional username and icon
  • Pick a clean, quiet, and well-lit place to have the interview. Don’t forget what might be in the background! If there are going to be other people around, let them know you will be having an important interview
  • Close all background programs on your computer
  • Right before the interview, take time to freshen up your hair and check your teeth
  • Dress professionally

Post-Match Phone Interviews

Phone interviews are fairly straightforward. As such, they are usually about 15 to 20 minutes with the same content and questions that are covered in virtual residency interviews. So, the only real difference is you will not be able to read the interviewer’s body language and tone could be hard to interpret.

Tips for Phone Interviews

  • Have your application materials printed out and on hand for quick reference. This includes your MyERAS Application, Personal Statement, and any Letters or Recommendation you may have on hand (that you did not waive the right to see)
  • If you aren’t confident on the phone, practice with a friend to increase your comfort and skill
  • Make sure you have a quiet place to talk; eliminate all distractions like the television, music, or outside noise
  • Be sure to take time and listen to your interviewer before speaking; don’t cut them off until they are done asking the question
  • Dress for an interview to put yourself in the right mindset, even if they can’t see you
  • Keep pen and paper around to write notes and stay focused
  • Just before the interview, drink some tea with honey or water to clear your throat
  • Do not hang up without establishing your next step

Also, if you have either type of interview, do not forget to email a Thank You message after the interview!

So, you might feel overwhelmed by the quick pace of the SOAP. But remember, SOAP interviews are similar to Main Match Season interviews in protocol. Prepare for the interview like you would any other interview and be confident! For additional tips on interviewing, check out Match A Resident’s YouTube channel and watch our Interview Prep Series!

Finally, for help navigating the SOAP, including this year’s timeline and information about our Program Compatibility Search, visit us at!

(Content Updated: March 4, 2022)

Enough Interviews

Not Enough Interviews, Should I Panic?

Getting enough interviews is every medical residency candidate’s goal, and it’s a challenge for many. If you are wondering if you have enough interviews, it is reasonable to summarize that most successful candidates have 10 or more interviews before matching.

However, if you have only a few or no interviews, you may be wondering, “Do I have enough interviews? Should I panic!?”

Of course, the reality is that the best thing to do is to remain calm and work to understand your situation.

Ideas To Consider

1) Think about what you have and have not done. Is your application complete? Were there any missing components? 

2) Did you receive professional help with your application materials as well as targeting compatible programs? 

3) How many programs and how many specialties did you apply to? 


What To Do

If you feel like you do not have enough interviews and you have already applied, there are a few approaches you can take to help boost your chances of success. 

1) Make sure all elements of your application are present and nothing was omitted by mistake. Additionally, verify that application components have been correctly assigned to programs. 

2) Consider updating your Personal Statement. If you did not receive professional help, it is very possible you incorrectly or inappropriately addressed potential red flags in your application. 

3) Apply to MORE programs. If you are having trouble getting enough interviews, it only makes sense that you need to apply more broadly. You may consider including programs from backup specialties in order to broaden your program selection.

Please note: make sure you do not apply to programs past their deadline. 

4) Finally, be sure you are following up with the programs that you have applied to. Learn about recommended practices to Follow Up With Programs


In Summary

Basically, in order to get enough interviews, you can only do a few things (come mid-application season…). Review your application, update all documents you can, apply to more programs, and follow up. 

If you still do not have enough interviews by January, you will need to start seriously considering preparing for the Post-Match SOAP. Take action by preparing yourself before it is too late: What You Should Know Before the Post-Match SOAP.