10 Important Match Policies

10 Important Match Policies

The Post-Match SOAP® can be a difficult and frustrating few days for residency candidates to go through. As bad as the Post-Match can be, you wouldn’t want to make a tough situation any worse by unwittingly breaking any of NRMP’s® policies. Below is a list of NRMP Policies to be aware of which affect residency candidates during the Post-Match SOAP and the Main Residency Match®.

**Please Note: Breaking NRMP’s policies can lead to a violations investigation and subsequent 1 to 3 year, or permanent ban from NRMP. Candidates who are flagged by NRMP suffer greatly during following Match seasons.  

Top 10 Most Important NRMP Policies

  1. You must be eligible for SOAP in order to participate.
    • Review eligibility requirements at: http://blog.matcharesident.com/eligibility-post-match-soap/
    • SOAP-ineligible applicants may not apply to unfilled Match-participating programs until after 11 a.m. (EST) Thursday, March 15th 
  2. Residency candidates may not initiate contact with programs during the Post-Match SOAP
    • Programs must initiate first contact with candidates
    • Those acting on behalf of a residency candidate may not contact programs as well. For example, a medical school may not talk to a program to promote their student.  
  3. Those who are granted access to the NRMP List of Unfilled Programs absolutely MAY NOT SHARE THE LIST with any SOAP-ineligible candidates
  4. SOAP-participating candidates may not apply to programs outside of SOAP until after 11 a.m. (EST) Thursday, March 15th.
  5. If extended a residency position offer during an Offer Round, you have two hours to Accept or Deny— after those 2 hours, or the offer will disappear.
  6. Accepting a residency position through the SOAP is a binding agreement to begin training at the residency program July 1st the year of The Match®
    • Unless you obtained a waiver
    • See NRMP for waiver requirements
  7. All SOAP residency program applications must go through ERAS®
  8. All applicants must provide complete and accurate, personal and professional information through their application
  9. Applicants cannot apply, discuss, interview with or accept any residency position outside of NRMP after the Rank Order Deadline (Feb. 21, 2018)
  10. Do not initiate a chargeback for any of NRMP’s fees. Applicants who attempt to chargeback NRMP will be banned from The Match

These are only the policies most relevant to the Main Residency Match® and Post-Match SOAP for residency candidates. Be sure to review the full Match Participation Agreement to make sure you fully understand what is expected of you as a residency candidate.

(Content Updated: February 1, 2018)

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